Welcome to our Fun with Math & Science Online Game. This quest is designed to introduce you and your preschool child to wonderful online resources to strengthen math, science, and reasoning skills. You are encouraged to click on as many of the game squares as you can, but don’t feel like you need to explore each and every one! The most important thing is to have fun and spend time exploring with your child. Each website you visit will have many other fun and educational activities – explore them when you have the time!

How long is the lizard? Measure animals at the zoo. Build a train engine. Help Clifford compare objects. Find the squirrel pictures that match. Draw, paint, & create! Make an adventure vehicle that can fly, drive, & sail. Find the matching pattern. Play the bird, frog or butterfly lifecycle game. Use tools to dig for dinosaurs. Time for an Egg-xperiment! Create a Musical Paint Splat Find and count the animals in the forest. Create an animal ocean. Click on the recipe to make Outrageous Ooze! What season is it? Pick a book & find it online at your library. Play the button guessing game.  Ready, set, count! Make shapes & shadows. Create a monster bug.

Looking for more adventure? Explore the picture and find hidden links to other fun activities!

As you’re playing this game with your child, keep these
things in mind:

Remember that math and science can be incorporated into everyday activities.

So, snuggle up at the computer with your child and start your quest!