Welcome to our Fun with Math & Science Online Game. This quest is designed to introduce you and your preschool child to wonderful online resources to strengthen math, science, and reasoning skills. You are encouraged to click on as many of the game squares as you can, but don’t feel like you need to explore each and every one! The most important thing is to have fun and spend time exploring with your child. Each website you visit will have many other fun and educational activities – explore them when you have the time!

Screentime Guidelines for Young Children

The first two years of your child’s life are especially important in the growth and development of her brain. During this time, children need positive interaction with other children and adults. This is especially true at younger ages, when learning to talk and play with others is so important.

Children ages 2 and under: Until more research is done about the effects of screen time on very young children, American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) strongly discourages television viewing for children ages two years old or younger, and encourages interactive play. Computers and mobile devices such as Smart Phones, iPads, and tablets also fall under the category of television viewing.

Older children: The American Academy of Pediatrics advises no more than one to two hours per day of educational, nonviolent programs, which should be supervised by parents or other responsible adults in the home.

Research and Articles:

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